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A city on the rise, this lust metropolis of around 2 million people offers urban sophistication, sultry rooftop bars, subtropical nature and jaw-dropping designer hotels on the cheap. Wondering where are all the queens in Queensland are? In Gay Brisbane of course!

Australia’s third-largest metropolitan area, Brisbane is experiencing a coming-of-age with a booming restaurant, bar and cultural scene that gives travelers an alternative to the more mainstream Melbourne and Sydney.  Today in this modern version of Brisbane, you can enjoy voguish architecture, designer shopping, refreshing beaches, extraordinary arts events, wild nightlife, multi-cultural gastronomy, and some of Australia’s best cafés.

Add to that without even considering the plethora of natural attractions nearby including old-world rainforests, blissful bushland, hidden waterfalls and a rugged coastline with picturesque beaches.

To sweeten the deal, we also found the local gay community of Brisbane to be surprisingly enthusiastic and well organized – especially in the arts and culture scene – with plenty of one-off club events, LGBT+ friendly hotspots, and steamy fun … If you know where to look. 

Gay locals will tell you, being gay just feels normal here – as it should be – and in the gay-er neighborhoods are Fortitude Valley, New Farm, and Teneriffe especially,  a same-sex couple holding hands on the street will not even warrant a second glance. Queer folk also seem to have been recently emboldened here by the passing of same-sex marriage bill after a vicious (and unnecessary) national debate and referendum and it was this air of optimism and inclusive vibes that we found positively affirming – tempting us to stay far longer than we had ever anticipated. 

It is also good to note that in Brisbane, like all of Australia,  discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression is strictly prohibited, and it is highly unlikely gay travelers will have issues exploring the wonders of Gay Brisbane. Everything and nothing like you might expect, Gay Brisbane is bold, incredibly varied, exceptionally beautiful – and waiting for you!

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