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2 Gay Only Venues in Brisbane

Even though Brisbane is a fabulously fun vacation destination there is now only two gay sex venues here after the closure of Bodyline Spa & Sauna, so you won’t get the range of option we came to know and love in Sydney and Melbourne.

Gay sauna culture is not very prevalent here and in no way as popular or as high-quality as you might find in international destinations such as Bangkok, Barcelona, London, and Paris. Local gays here prefer to use hook-up apps or meet in bars and clubs – a sign of the times we guess – but if you chose to pay in the gay sex venues, please remember no always means no. Always play with consent and never interrupt other people playing.

Play safe and keep it fun! In Australia, cruising spots are known as gay beats, parodies the beat walked by a police officer or a prostitute. The gay beats in Brisbane frequently change but are no longer very popular (but are still somewhat dangerous). We do not recommend seeking them out, but we did enjoy our time in the last remaining gay Brisbane sauna and would happily recommend it to anyone! 

Wet Spa & Sauna – Gay Only

Brisbane’s only gay men’s spa and sauna. Come down and relax in comfort with like-minded men from across Brisbane, Australia and the world. Located in Bowen Hills for over 15 years and just a short stroll away from the gay clubs. Inside is fully air-conditioned for shelter from the outside elements and relatively clean – if not a little aging and run down. Housing the only gay swimming pool in Brisbane,

Wet is not only just a place to get off but a place where you can come unwind and spend an evening in the fully tiled steam room, cedar sauna or ozone spa. There is also a  private video lounge,  sling room, maze area, glory holes, and private rooms, each with an ample supply of lube, condoms and hand towels. Upstairs come and chill out in the lounge area, with cafe, free high-speed internet access, or just watch TV on the big screen projector.

In the change room, lockers & towels are provided. Wet is renowned for its busy Sunday sessions, though towel free Tuesday’s are popular as is Buddy Fridays. Visit on weekdays around 12 to 2 pm or again later after 4 pm if you want to go when Wet is most popular, though they are open 7 days a week from 11 am to between 10 pm and 2 am depending on the night.

Club 29 – Gay Only

Brisbane’s only gay cruise club open every day from midday until the early am. Never been to a sex on premises venue? Just wanting to know what Brisbane has to offer men who have sex with men? “29” is a specially designed space for men who enjoy sex with men, it was designed and operates as part sex on premises venue, part chill out lounge and part event space.

29 is a non-judgmental environment where any guys come to cruise other guys. It is a safe sex venue committed to the educated celebration of male to male sexuality with a range of events and play spaces. Attracting a diverse range of guys with differing tastes and desires – but with over 2,500 guys coming through the doors each month it’s pretty hard not to find a match…

Hellfire Club

Brisbane’s premier fetish club hosting kinky fetish events catering to a colorful crowd of fetishists, trans people, drag queens, sexual deviants, perverts and hedonists on a monthly basis for the last 23 years. An opportunity to dress to excess whilst in the pursuit of depraved pleasure, all manner of kink, sexy antics, debauched & decadence behavior are welcome but remember: consent is key.

Catering to all sexualities with playful subversion, lustful submission, dominance from both mistresses and masters, kink and rubber ravers, check their website for event themes, tickets and details – though it is generally held at the Sportsman Hotel.

This is the last article in our series of gay Brisbane for queer travelers guide. Just as everywhere else, things are continuously changing on gay Brisbane scene. We will try to keep up with the changes and keep you informed.

Happy Travel from fabulous Brisbane!

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