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Gay Travel Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok. Practically the definition of a hot mess. Crowds of thronging people and a confusing but delightful mix of traditions meeting modernism. Wonderful food that is quite literally heaven in our mouth. The weather is great too! If you don’t mind some excessive humidity. Though let’s be real here, it doesn’t take much to beat the dreary British weather… With beautiful natural scenery at our doorstep, exotic adventures and amazing cuisine, it’s no wonder we love coming back here!

Thailand is famous for being one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia, with the capital city of Bangkok its beating heart. The gay scene here is thriving, with so many gay bars, clubs, hotels, massage parlours, restaurants and more – largely centred in Silom. We love the gay scene of Bangkok and definitely rank it as one of our favourite in the world.

We also love that no matter how many times we come to Bangkok, it’s always a culture shock, from the mouthwatering Thai food to the hectic polluted traffic – to give you an idea, you MUST try going in a tuk-tuk – the little rickshaws that you see in movies. They are absolutely bonkers and a great way to really get out to see what the city has to offer!

This is our comprehensive gay guide to Bangkok based on our many trips here. We’ve highlighted the best gay friendly hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, things to do, and more.

How safe is Bangkok for gay travelers?

Oh, it’s very safe! Bangkok is frequently rated as one of the most gay friendly cities in Asia due to its inclusivity and safety.

We’ve been to Bangkok many times and have never had hassle from any of the locals for being gay. Thai people are seriously friendly. They have a genuine interest in what is going on in your life. We also found that due to their varied and vibrant culture, they tend not to be judgmental. Which is fantastic! We know it’s not just towards westerners that they are friendly, but they also treat each other with respect. We have quite a few friends in Bangkok who are adamant that their lives are on a parallel with gay lives in London.

Naturally, if you’re visiting any big city in the world there are still dangers like pickpocketing to watch out for. For Bangkok, we recommend the obvious common-sense awareness which you would apply to say London, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney or New York. Bangkok is one of those cities where if you act the way you normally do back homeyou’ll be just fine!

Silom – Gay Street of Bangkok

Silom is a street in Bangkok with a less than glamorous beginning, starting off as part of a dyke and irrigation system in the 1850s. Fast forward to the present where it is now the pulsing heart of the bustling gay district of Bangkok.

If you are looking for more of a drink and a chat with friends, the alley known as Silom Soi 4 is where you want to head as it’s packed with gay bars with large outdoor terraces like TelephoneBalcony and Stranger Bar. We love it here. There’s always something happening, every day of the week!

A few blocks down from Silom Soi 4 is Silom Soi 2 is where the majority of the gay clubs of Bangkok can be found, in particular DJ Station and G Bangkok (aka GOD).

This was a brief review of Bangkok as a gay travelers destination. Written by seasoned gay traveling couple and bloggers – NOMADIC BOYS

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