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Discover Stunning Gay Costa Rica

Costa Rica has made same-sex marriage legal – so when is better time to travel to this stunning country

The country is world famous for its beauty and biodiversity.

In fact, it’s home to 5% of the world’s total biodiversity. Not to mention, it’s the world’s second biggest exporter of bananas.

Costa Rica is famous for its mist covered mountains and forests

It is one of just five places on earth to be a ‘blue zone’ – a place with noticeably longer lifespans. Indeed, most citizens can expect to live to 90 and centenarians are common.

The friendly Costa Ricans are a generally happy people too. Their national slogan – Pura Vida – literally translates as ‘pure life’. But the broader meaning is a positive lifestyle. Therefore the mentality behind that, alongside a healthy plant-rich diet, may be one of the reasons for citizens having a long life too.

Progressive paradise

Of course, the addition of same-sex marriage and the right for couples to adopt can only add to national happiness.

Naturally, LGBT+ Costa Ricans still face challenges to achieve full equality and visibility. But the nation is now definitely in the upper tiers of LGBT+ laws around the world.

There’s an equal age of consent, trans people can change gender, and there are anti-discrimination laws protecting employees and consumers. Gay men can even donate blood.

Interestingly, LGBT+ people can’t serve in the military. But that’s only because Costa Rica has no military! It is one of the few countries with no standing army.

Costa Rica highlights

A holiday in Costa Rica gives you the chance to enjoy both Pacific and Atlantic beaches. Meanwhile the country’s interior is a land of volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, huge waterfalls and mighty rivers.

Clear waters around La Isla Tortuga
Chesnut mandibled toucan

More than a quarter of the country is dedicated to national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges. It boasts over 1,400 varieties of orchids alone.

It’s charismatic wildlife includes caimans, tree frogs, river turtles, crowned night herons, monkeys and sloths. There’s even a ‘Jesus Christ lizard’.

If you feel sloth like yourself, you can lounge on a hammock before feasting on a cuisine bursting with Spanish style and zesty Afro-Caribbean flavor. Coffee lovers, in particular, will be in heaven in the Central Valley where farmers grow some of the world’s finest beans.

Or for a spa break with a stunning view, you can relax in the Arenal Volcano’s hot springs.

Action and adventure

Meanwhile the more adventurous can try whitewater rafting on the Pacuare, Reventazón, Sarapiquí, Tenorio rivers. You can zipwire, hike up volcanoes or descend into bat-filled caves.

Moreover Costa Rica is also a surfers’ paradise. And while you are in the water, you can explore its wildlife with a snorkeling session.

Tamarindo Costa Rica offers great surfing for beginners or experienced boarders

In the evenings, dance to reggaetón music in a relaxed bar. Costa Rica has a friendly LGBT+ scene, particularly in San José, and Quepos. There are even bars and gay beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park.

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