Queer Couples Travel Without Apology in Orbitz’s Sexy New Ad

Orbitz’s new marketing campaign is unlike any you’ve seen before, particularly from one of the biggest players in the travel space. The video is sexy, and engaging, and inherently queer. It features LGBTQ+ couples in passionate embraces and long kisses. It features Black gay men. It features a nonbinary person. It all plays to refrains of Leslie Gore’s feminist anthem, “You Don’t Own Me,” covered by queer musician Serpentwithfeet.

It is ground breaking and uplifting, and makes it clear that LGBTQ+ travelers are out now, currently moving through the world with no apologies.  We’re here, we’re queer, and we travel. 

Last year Orbitz premiered its LGBTQ+ portal where it connects queer travelers with LGBTQ-welcoming destinations, and offers tips and insights from LGBTQ+ travel influencers.

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