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Queer Travel Guide – Visit Gay Nice 2021

With year-round sunshine, a prominent seaside position, old-world opulence,  and active street life – Gay Nice you must visit

There are over 35 gay bars, cafes, saunas, beaches, and more to explore – along with two fabulous queer festivals venues. Offering a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere than you are likely to find in Paris, Nice is quickly becoming the gay hot spot on the Côte d’Azur everyone is talking about. 

Nice is offering pure Mediterranean magnetism of the sort that has long since drawn gays to Barcelona, Valencia, and Mykonos. Gay Nice is a resolutely inclusive destination. A place where everyone from around the world can come together under the sun. Relax together while enjoying the exceptional historical and cultural heritage and all the wonders of the Côte d’Azur. 

Nice at night photo - queer travel portal

France is traditionally liberal country that legalized same-sex activity in 1791 during the French Revolution. It legalized gay marriage in 2013.  France is frequently named one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world.

Gay travelers need not take any more extra precautions in Nice than they would in any other Western European city. Nice has an active gay scene – concentrated towards the Port,  especially along the rue Bonaparte. It is here you are most likely to see gay couples strolling hand-in-hand. Just as you might in Montreal, Amsterdam, or Stockholm. This entire city is yours to explore. You will feel welcomed everywhere you go. 

Beach photo - Nice - France - gay travel guide
One of beautiful beaches in Nice France

Gay Nice offers thriving LGBT presence with everything from cruisy gay bars to busy saunas and energetic clubbing. Although we were unable to find any new-age queer parties here like we fell in love with in Zurich and Lisbon. We loved Nice for many reasons. – Most of all, because it has an air heavy with the spirit of adventure, the warm Mediterranean sunshine, unique architecture… You need to visit and feel it yourself.

Nice is undoubtedly a rising star of the queer Mediterranean. Much like its striking sunsets. We are sure you will not be disappointed here. 

Street life photography from Nice, France
There are literally thousands of street cafés in Nice

This is just a short introduction to this beautiful city. We will come back with much more information for our queer travelers.

Please make sure you are vaccinated before planning your travel in 2021. COVID-19 vaccination is well under way all over the world. We hope to get back to “normal”. More information for our gay travelers is coming.

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